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Building  A Solid Foundation on the Word of God

Dark Horse Training Agency | Midland, Texas | License to Carry

Jerod Finch, owner of Dark Horse Training Agency

  Carrying a firearm for protection didn't cross my mind until my wife and I  started our family. As the arrival of our oldest son approached I thought more about the lack of physical protection from evil we were prepared to deal with. After hundreds of hours of research into both non lethal and lethal means of personal protection we opted for the one that made the most sense. I then immersed myself in the world of defensive firearms use.


  Fast forward 5 years, my wife started her own business. She has done so well that I have been able to become a full time dad as well as a student of instructing others in the safe effective use of firearms for defensive purposes. I believe that as a teacher, in order to better serve your students you also have to continue to learn and grow.


  My goal as a firearms instructor is to bring the most common sense, relevant information to students so they can become confident and competent armed citizens.   

Shooting Target
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